Orwell-Grand Valley Area Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 261
Orwell, OH 44076

Membership Directory

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B & S Publishing

50 N. Maple St.
P.O. Box 8
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Bob Denihan
Phone: 216-408-9020
E-mail: bsprint@fairpoint.net
WWW: sideboardticket.com

Barb's Hair Fashions

55 East Main St.
P.O. Box 441
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Barb Kuchta
Phone: 440-437-6665

Bob Sumerel Tire Co.

431 E. Main St.
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: James Phillips
Phone: 440-437-6515
E-mail: jphillips@bobsumereltire.com
WWW: bobsumereltire.com

Chicago's Fresh Sliced Subs/Marie's Pizza/A&W

23 W. Main St
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: David Arnold
Phone: 440-437-5780
E-mail: subs@fairpoint.net

CinDee's Flowers & Gifts

8220 St Rt 45
P.O. Box 326
Orwell , OH 44076
Contact: Cynthia L Pace
Phone: 440-437-8955
E-mail: cindeeflowersandgifts@gmail.com

Conneaut Foundation

235 Main Street
Conneaut, OH 44030
Contact: J.J. Eaton
Phone: 440-599-8004
E-mail: info@conneautfoundation.org
WWW: ConneautFoundation.org

Conversation Station

18 E. Main St.
P.O. Box 443
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Pat & Gary Hunter
Phone: 440-437-5442
E-mail: hunter_pat@hotmail.com
WWW: conversationstation.org

Country Neighbor Program, Inc.

39 South Maple Street
P.O. Box 212
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Barbara Klingensmith
Phone: 440-437-6311
E-mail: barbk@countryneighbor.org
WWW: countryneighbor.org

Creekside Inn

1938 State Route 322
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Carol Presjak
Phone: 440-437-5223
E-mail: cpresjak@aol.com

D. Niew Construction Inc.

5459 St. Rt. 534
P. O. Box 275
Windsor, OH 44099
Contact: Lorie Niewiadomski
Phone: 440-272-5651
E-mail: dn_construction@hotmail.com

Davis True Value

279 E. Main St.
P.O. Box 368
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Stuart Walker
Phone: 440-437-6512
E-mail: swalker@fairpoint.net

Easton Service, Inc.

1427 State Route 322 E.
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Laura Turk
Phone: 440-422-3200 / 800-297-8238
E-mail: culligan@fairpoint.net
WWW: culliganorwell.net

FairPoint Comminications

70 S. Maple St
P.O. Box 25
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: David L Hendershott
Phone: 440-437-6118
E-mail: dhendershott@fairpoint.net

Farm Credit Services of Mid-America

300 N. Maple St.
P.O. Box 38
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Sarah Moyer
Phone: 440-437-5800
E-mail: smoyer@e-farmcredit.com
WWW: e-farmcredit.com

Gallo's Auto Sales

8817 State Route 45
North Bloomfield, OH 44450
Contact: Joe Gallo
Phone: 440-685-4611
E-mail: glsautos@yahoo.com
WWW: gallosauto.com

Gazette Newspapers/ The News

46 W. Jefferson St.
P.O. Box 166
Jefferson, OH 44047
Contact: Doris Cook
Phone: 440-576-9125 X103
E-mail: dcook@gazettenews.com
WWW: gazettenews.com

Grand Valley Karate Academy

13 N. Maple St.
P.O. Box 557
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Mike Fiorello
Phone: 440-437-5300
E-mail: gvkarate@orwell.net
WWW: gvkarate.com

Grand Valley Lanes

5334 State Route 45
P. O. Box 5097
Rome, OH 44085
Contact: Ed Griffin
Phone: 440-563-3070
E-mail: gvlanes@hotmail.com

Grand Valley Local Schools

111 Grand Valley Ave. West
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Bill Nye
Phone: 440-437-6566
E-mail: william.nye@neomin.org
WWW: grand-valley.k12.oh.us

Grand Valley Public Library aka The Orwell Library Association

1 North School St.
P.O. Box 188
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Andrew Davis-Knapp
Phone: 440-437-6545
E-mail: davisan@grandvalley.lib.oh.us
WWW: grandvalley.lib.oh.us

Grand Valley Ruritan Club

P.O. Box 370
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Karen Buckley or Dave Strong
Phone: 330-847-7679
E-mail: dlsmls@yahoo.com

Gwen's Catering & More

5810 State Route 45
P.O. Box 5105
Rome, OH 44085
Contact: Gwen Biennas
Phone: 440-478-3429
E-mail: gwenscateringandmore@yahoo.com
WWW: gwenscateringandmore.webs.com

Hartsgrove BP

5899 State Route 6
Hartsgrove, OH 44085
Contact: Bill Nye
Phone: 440-474-4334
E-mail: hartsgrovebp@gmail.com

Home Away From Home Pet Care Service

3601 Laskey Rd
Rome, OH 44085
Contact: Sue Sprague
Phone: 440-563-5291
E-mail: spragrott@windstream.net

Huntington National Bank

155 E. Main St.
P.O. Box 606
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Vicki Intihar -Personal Banker
Phone: 440-437-5181
E-mail: vicki.intihar@huntington.com
WWW: huntington.com

J. A. Johnson Electric

5083 State Route 45
Rome, OH 44085
Contact: Sam Johnson
Phone: 216-289-9367
E-mail: sam_allen_johnson@yahoo.com

Kenneth W Lawrence DDS

320 North Maple Street
P.O. Box 65
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Kenneth Lawrence
Phone: 440-437-8444

Key Bank

58 South Maple St.
P.O. Box 7
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Lori
Phone: 440-437-5141
E-mail: @keybank.com
WWW: Key.com

M G Concrete Pumping

15732 Jug St.
P. O. Box 922
Burton, OH 44021
Contact: Diane Giel
Phone: 440-668-6302
E-mail: dianegiel@yahoo.com

McGill Septic Tank Company

8913 State Street
Kinsman, OH 44428
Contact: BIB
Phone: 330-876-2171 or 330-876-5911
E-mail: mcgill2171@earthlink.net

Middlefield Banking Compnay

30 South Maple St.
P. O. Box 66
Orwell, OH 44076
Phone: 440-437-7200
WWW: middlefieldbank.com

Midway Chevrolet Inc.

320 East Main Street
P.O. Box 100
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Judith Klosinski
Phone: 440-437-6200
E-mail: midway@fairpoint.net
WWW: midwayorwell.com

Orwell American Legion Auxiliary Post 719

221 N. Maple Street
Orwell, OH 44076

Orwell Dairy Queen

6 S. Maple St.
P.O. Box 245
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Shelly Eddy or Bob Ashba
Phone: 440-437-6373
E-mail: cheddy@windstream.net
WWW: facebook/orwelldairyqueeen.com

Orwell Fire Department

78 East Main Street
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Chief Joe Albergo
Phone: 440-437-6470
E-mail: fire@orwellvillage.org

Orwell Police Department

78 East Main Street
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Chief Chad Fernandez
Phone: 440-437-1234
E-mail: opd@orwellvillage.org

P.V.P. Industries Inc.

P.O. Box 129
9819 Penniman Road
North Bloomfield, OH 44450
Contact: Paul Dunlavey
Phone: 440-685-4701
E-mail: shelley@pvpind.com
WWW: www.pvpind.com

Peterson and Ibold

43 N. Maple St.
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Casey P. O'Brien
Phone: 440-437-5295
E-mail: casey@peteribold.com

Pine Lakes Campground

3001 Hague Road
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Bill Burkley
Phone: 440-437-6218 or 440-319-1465
E-mail: pinelakes@fairpoint.net
WWW: pinelakescampground.net

Ray Brothers, Inc

8020 State Route 46 South
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: J. Matthew Ray
Phone: 440-422-3415
E-mail: raybros4@hotmail.com

Ristimaki, Diana

143 South Maple Street
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Diana Ristimaki
Phone: 440-437-5688
E-mail: ristimaki@fairpoint.net


23 S. Maple
P.O. Box 657
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Larry VanHorn
Phone: 440-437-2230
WWW: savealot.com

Schuster D.D.S., Rudolf

60 N. Maple St.
P.O. Box 356
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Kitt
Phone: 440-437-8551
E-mail: rschuster@fairpoint.net


243 Staley Rd. Suite F
P.O. Box 155
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Chantel Lee
Phone: 440-437-7446
E-mail: signsations@fairpoint.net
WWW: facebook.com/signsation

Tanner Customs

P.O. Box 404
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Dan & MeLissa Tanner
Phone: 440-319-9755 / 440-319-1144
E-mail: tannercustoms@yahoo.com
WWW: facebook.com/TannerCustomsJewelry

Tom's Truck & Auto

8388 Penniman Rd
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Thomas Martin
Phone: 440-437-6541
E-mail: tommartin117@yahoo.com

Tri-County Veterinary Clinic

237 North Maple
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Anthony Pawlowski
Phone: 440-437-6335

Venturella & Sons Plumbing & Heating

P.O. Box 4
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Robin Venturella
Phone: 440-437-6170
E-mail: robindan@orwell.net
WWW: ohioplumbinator.com

Village of Orwell

179 West Main St.
P.O. Box 56
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Jack Nettis Jr.
Phone: 440-437-6450
E-mail: jnettis@orwellvillage.org
WWW: orwellvillage.org

Village Tobacco

53 E. Main St.
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: John O'Connor
Phone: 440-437-2016
E-mail: discountcigs@hotmail.com

Wecall Inc.

64 Penniman Rd.
P.O. Box 39
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Paul Donerty
Phone: 440-437-8202
E-mail: pdoherty@wecallinc.com

Western Reserve Drafting LLC

2698 State Route 6
Rome, OH 44085
Contact: Ed Sutliff
Phone: 440-563-3932
E-mail: ed_sutliff@yahoo.com

Windsor Township

5159 St. Rt 86/534
P.O. Box 223
Windsor, OH 44099
Contact: Carla Slusher
Phone: 440-272-5795
E-mail: windsortwp04@yahoo.com

Winer, Jonathan W., Attorney at Law

5276 Rome-Rock Creek Rd.
Rome, OH 44085
Contact: Jon Winer
Phone: 440-563-4444
E-mail: winerlaw@windstream.net

Wollam Grand Valley Insurance

35 E. Main St.
P.O. Box 307
Orwell, OH 44076
Phone: 440-437-6162
E-mail: wollamgv@fairpoint.net
WWW: wollamgv.com/

Yankee Bake Goods / 9-5 Tue - Sat

2866 Moore Road
Orwell, OH 44076
Contact: Penny
Phone: 440-437-5590
E-mail: bigjohn@orwell.net
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